A personal ad on the Internet can lead potential mates to you – or leave you vulnerable to every vulture that circles the Internet every day looking for a bite. Your ad or profile is the first impression you provide online dates, and you want that impression to be a positive one at all costs.

To help you write a fabulous personal ad, we have a list of do's to get you started.

Start with an Attention-Getting Title

Those first few words will either entice someone to read on or move on, so make sure your title is filled with intrigue, excitement and pizzazz.  Shorter is sweeter for the title too.  Make it 10 words or less. It may sound easier said than done, but a lot of thought and creativity just might result in the perfect beginning to prompt others to read further.

Focus on the Inside, Rather than the Out

Sure, you can describe yourself by the color of your hair, your height and weight (give or take a few pounds). But prospective dates can see many of these details with a quick glance at your photo. Instead, describe your inner qualities: good listener, big-hearted or fun-loving. Talk about your interests, your hobbies and what you want to be when you grow up.

Find Good Descriptive Words

Don't settle for boring, generic descriptive words and phrases; find adjectives that are creative and interesting. Better yet, don't use adjectives to describe the real you at all. Instead, use examples to illustrate the kind of person you are. Saying in your profile that you spent your last vacation working with the homeless in your inner city or that you spend many evenings watching action movies will speak volumes about what you are like in real life.

Keep it Real

You could embellish, exaggerate or even lie, but that approach won't get you very far if you are serious about finding a real relationship. You may not think you are the most interesting, exciting individual on the online dating website, but someone else just might decide you are. The important point is to be yourself when describing your characteristics and what you are looking for in a mate, so there are no surprises once you begin conversing with another member on the website.

Include your Goals and Aspirations

There is no better way to let people know about you than by talking about what you want to be when you "grow up." Where do you see yourself in five, 10 or 20 years? Are you committed to clawing your way to the top of the corporate ladder? Where do you see yourself living? These answers will help align you to others with similar goals in life, creating a better chance at a successful relationship.

Use Your Humor

We don't mean laughing off the entire dating process, as this would be a turn-off to most that are seriously using the service to meet people. However, most people like to date those who can see the funny side of life. Let your natural humor show in your writing through humorous anecdotes or harmless jabs at yourself. This is much more effective than stating you have a good sense of humor or your friends think you're a riot.

Let your Creativity Sparkle

"What creativity?" you might be asking, especially if penning prose leaves you shaking in your boots. Everyone has a creative side, and with a bit of fun and lack in inhibition, you can let yours show. A personal touch to your creative writing style will add a human element to your profile that will be attractive to most who read it.

Double Check your Writing

There is a reason that spell check was invented, so use it before you submit your profile. Even more effective is to have a neutral third party read over your profile before you submit it to ensure the writing is clear and your intentions are well received. Use someone who will give you an honest, objective opinion, and not your best friend who will tell you it's fabulous even if it's not.

A personal ad is your marketing tool to help you put your best face forward to the rest of the online dating community. Make sure your profile gives an accurate and interesting impression by following these tips and carefully constructing a personal ad that shows off your best assets.  

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