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Partial search without signup Yes
Full search with free signup Excellent
View personals with NO signup Yes
View personals with free signup N/A
Free or low cost membership available No
Recurring billing No
Favorite personals section Yes
Anonymous singles contact system Yes
Photo gallery feature No 2
Same sex matching Yes
Match guarantee No
Auto-Match function on Age/Physical No
Auto-Match function on Personality No
Discounted renewal pricing No
Number of registered members Large
Instant Messenger to talk to other singles Excellent
Secure Credit Card Facilities Yes
Ability to cancel membership via website N/A
Free personality Profiling No
Can express interest in another user free Yes
Can leave voice message in own profile Yes
Can leave video message in own profile Yes
Dating tips/advice on the website Yes
REPLY to a paying members msg free Yes
Raunch Meter (Out of 5, 1 being low, 5 being high) 1-4
Seriousness Meter (Out of 5, 1 being low, 5 being high) 2-5

Services Offered:

  • Women seeking Women

Detailed Review:

Womanline is a part of the Lavalife network. It is for gay women only and has an extremely large following based mainly in Canada and the US. The front page will show you how many women have signed up in the last ten days.

Womanline is extremely easy to navigate and, like Lavalife, saves you time when you're trying to find a partner as it is broken into three different sections (Dating, Relationships and Intimate Encounters).

You are able to show interest in another user for free and then when you want to get in touch with someone the excellent Lavalife credit system comes in to play and you only pay to get in touch, rather than a monthly, recurring subscription like many other sites.

Womanline is made by women for women. After getting the opinions of some of my female friends I have been told that they felt very comfortable on Womanline and feel that it was an easy place to just stick around and chat on. To do this, there is a live chat system which you can also use video on. This certainly makes for a much more interesting conversation!

Lavalife has been helping singles meet other singles for over 15 years and their experience shows in this dating site. Womanline is definitely worth visiting!

register free at Womanline today.

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