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Partial search without signup Yes
Full search with free signup Yes
View personals with NO signup Yes
View personals with free signup N/A
Free or low cost membership available No
Recurring billing No
Favorite personals section Yes
Anonymous singles contact system Yes
Photo gallery feature No
Same sex matching Yes
Match guarantee No
Auto-Match function on Age/Physical No
Auto-Match function on Personality No
Discounted renewal pricing No
Number of registered members large
Instant Messenger to talk to other singles Excellent
Secure Credit Card Facilities Yes
Ability to cancel membership via website N/A
Free personality Profiling No
Can express interest in another user free Yes
Can leave voice message in own profile Yes
Can leave video message in own profile Yes
Dating tips/advice on the website Yes
REPLY to a paying members msg free Yes
Raunch Meter (Out of 5, 1 being low, 5 being high) 1-4
Seriousness Meter (Out of 5, 1 being low, 5 being high) 2-5

Services Offered:

  • Men seeking Men


  • Had to narrow my search because was getting too many personals returned.

Detailed Review:

Manline is the HUGE gay section of Lavalife. There was a whopping 46,000 new members in the previous 10 days when I checked their front page. Manline caters exclusively to men and the graphics and layout suit.

Although you are able to search for gay men on many dating sites there are less that are dedicated exclusively to this. Manline caters mostly to the US and Canada with a smaller spattering of gay members around the rest of the world.

Manline has an excellent chat system that you can use to talk with other men who are currently online. It also has a 'backstage' picture gallery which allows you to control when and to whom you show some or all of your pictures. I really like this system as it puts you in control of who (if anybody) sees your photos.

Manline organizes lots of events and parties for its members and after reading some of the comments made by members about these events they sound like they alone would be worth joining up for!

Manline also have got a great system where you can leave voice messages in your own personal or for others and Manline will even set up an anonymous phone conversation for you as well!

Manline is split into three sections (Dating, Relationships & Intimate Encounters) and each section has a different level of explicitness and relationship-orientation! This split dating system saves YOU time and effort as you can immediately narrow down your search to find other gay men who are after the same thing as you.

Manline does have a very large following and with over tens of thousands of members signing up every week you'll have an even better chance of meeting someone interesting here.

register freeat Manline today.

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