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There are thousands of online dating services available today. They vary dramatically in terms of quality and what type of singles (or couples!) they attract.

It is very important to know how to find online dating services that are suited to exactly what YOU are looking for. This will substantially increase your chances of finding an interesting partner to have some fun with!

There are different specific options that help some online dating services lift themselves up above the rest. Some of these 'extras' are quite time consuming to setup (and often very expensive to implement) and so there are usually only a handful of dating services that offer them.

In General

The following two items should be the first you address when looking at a new online dating service.

Does it have singles from your area ?

Very important because using a dating service that has a lot of singles from around your area is going to make finding a date a much more enjoyable task.

Do the majority of the members of the dating service have the same interests as you?

Many online dating services are dedicated to specific types of people.

Singles looking for just a date, singles looking for a soulmate, singles or couples looking for more adult activities. The list is endless and if you find a dating service with members with the same interests it will be much easier finding your date.

The Best Extras

The rarest and most useful 'extras' that help specific online dating services stand out from the crowd are as follows.

'Cupid' Feature

This is a feature that will have the online dating service send you an email once a week with new matches that have just joined from your area.

This is one of the best ways to meet people that are eager and looking to date.

Yahoo Personals is one of the most full-featured dating services available (it is Yahoo after all!) and it's 'cupid' feature is one of the most impressive.

Good Community Section and Dating Advice

Some online dating services have extremely extensive user run communities with lots of great tips and advice.

These dating services provide singles with extra opportunities to meet other interesting, intelligent members by reading posts people have made around the community.

The online dating service with the largest and most comprehensive community section is the FriendFinder network of sites. They have worked extremely hard to stand right out as number one with this feature.

A Personality or Mutual Matching System

Some of the largest online dating services have personality quizzes a member can fill out and which will then automatically match others who have also filled out the quiz. This feature works extremely well and makes for more precise and interesting matches.

The site with the leading personality quiz in the online dating service world today is eHarmony.

They are easily the leader in this field and have had huge media coverage of their proprietary personality matching system. In fact, their entire site revolves around personality matching.

The option to Reveal More Photos or Reveal the First Photo

A very few dating services give the user the ability to choose who should be able to view their photo. This means you can get to know your potential date a little before showing him your photo.

The other option is to have a 'gallery' of other photos that you can reveal to another single you find interesting. This gives you both a lot of freedom and security at the same time.

The leading dating service with multiple photo options is Lavalife. It has all of the above options and you are even able to upload a video that other members can see once you give them the OK. Lavalife has been around for a very long time now and their experience shows!

There are many other features that set online dating services apart but the ones I have mentioned above are the main options you should look out for.

So what are you waiting for, get out there, sign up for a few different free memberships and find a date!

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