Internet Dating Services Thrive On Photographs

You will improve your chances of getting a date dramatically with a photograph Internet Dating Services: Choose the right photo

As the saying goes 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and as we can see from online auctions, items with pictures are 50% more likely to sell than items without pictures and the selling price is often much higher.

The same applies here, you are selling yourself to prospective buyers, so don't sell yourself short. Think about it, when you are browsing internet dating services or even online auction sites - you want to see if the item's description matches its appearance.

If you are hesitant about putting your image on the internet, some internet dating services offer the option to only show your picture to those you choose. That is, those singles you have already been communicating with.

The best internet dating service I have found with this option is Lavalife.


Don't stand too far away, look away from the camera or have a blurry image.
If you go through the trouble of taking a picture, scanning and uploading it, make sure that it is clear. A blurry image will make your personal ad appear careless. Some internet dating services have the most popular profiles first - notice that all these photo's aren't blurry or with the person too far away.

Don't use celebrity photographs or anyone's other than yourself.
Some internet dating services actually place warnings about these and may take down your personals ad.

Don't superimpose images or use fantastic scenery .
They will make your profile appear tacky and lacking in legitimacy. Have you ever been browsing internet dating services for singles and found these, you never even finished reading their personal ad did you?

Don't have a photo with you in a compromising situation or with mysterious people.
If you must - include an explanation of whom the other people are in the photo. This will alleviate any misgivings others may have about the situation. It is best to leave those photos in the album, unless of course it goes in with the genre of the internet dating services site.

Don't have a photo that conflicts with your personal ad.
If you say that you're shy don't include a photo with you getting it on with a work colleague or some such. Or for instance, if you mentioned that you do not have children in your personals ad a photo with children may seem to indicate otherwise.


Remember to smile.
Many internet dating services have a gallery option. Singles will often overlook your profile if you aren't smiling.

Be Patient
Take a number of photos, the first photo you take isn't always the best one. Just as you wouldn't want to rush your personal ad you don't want to rush the persons first impression of your face. Digital cameras are great for this!

Get some objective feedback from a friend before posting your photo. Go over people's photos in other internet dating services too - make sure yours fits in with the overall site genre.


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