Internet dating, just like offline dating, has rules and etiquette associated with it. This is the Internet Dating Quick Reference Guide for what TO do and what NOT to do.

If you are new to internet dating then have a read and take some notes. If you are an internet dating veteran then some of these points might seem a little obvious to you.

Just remember though that there are tens of thousands of singles joining the internet dating world every day and this is dedicated to them.Adam and Drew


Be civil and polite to everyone you talk to. If they don't return your email or message then they may not want to talk to you. There is no need to send repeated messages if they haven't got back to you.

Do your best to reply to all messages, unless of course the message is impolite or offensive.

Get to know the other person in the safe, anonymous system provided to you by the internet dating site before meeting up.

Spend some time and effort writing your 'About Me' for your internet dating profile and make it accurate and honest.

Upload one or preferably more photos to your profile. Would you write to someone without a photo in their internet dating profile?

Sign up for multiple free memberships, don't limit yourself to one internet dating site.

Meet in a public place for your first date.


Write any personal contact details into your internet dating personal ad.

Pressure another user into giving out their personal contact details.

Give out your personal offline or online contact details until you feel absolutely comfortable with a prospective date.

Expect someone to go on a date if you haven't spent any time chatting with them or sent them a photo.

Be rude. Even if you are not interested in someone, a polite but firm response is all they need.

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