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With so many online dating services available today, how do you choose the best one for you?  There are many factors that go into selecting a matching service, and identifying those factors makes it easier to compare companies to find the one that will most closely meet your needs.

One of the oldest and most popular online dating websites today is Friend Finder. With a large pool of active members and a plethora of social networking options, it is no wonder Friend Finder continues to lead the pack of online dating today. We have five good reasons to consider Friend Finder for all of your online dating needs.


Friend Finder was launched in 1996 and has continued to serve the online dating community consistently since that time. This online dating service provides a number of cutting-edge tools to help members interact with one another, as well as a profile screening process that balances ease of use with effective screening of potential members. This website has learned what their members want after years in the business, and they strive to offer the best community-building tools, including daily horoscopes and free eGreeting cards for members to send each other.

Size and Diversity

Depending on which review you read, this online dating service boasts more than one million members and perhaps as many as two million. One big advantage to Friend Finder is that they may provide more accurate numbers about their member base than other online matching services. For example, some services may base their numbers on how many members have joined, without taking into consideration the number of members who are no longer active on the website. This can be very misleading, as there are actually fewer active members with whom to connect. 

In addition to the sheer number of members, Friend Finder also provides the greatest diversity of members. This service is available to members across the globe, offering great cultural differences among the community. It also provides plenty of alternatives in terms of ages, interests and sexual preferences of its members, assuring there is something for everyone who signs up for the website.

Multiple Social Networking Options

Social networking is the 21st century method of connecting with others, and Friend Finder offers plenty of options in this arena. You can participate in many of the special interest forums occurring at any one time or read about current events at the Friend Finder Magazine. Members are encouraged to submit entries to the magazine, from poetry and prose to commentary on current events.

You can also sign up friends and immediately add them to your friends' network. When you do this, you also make yourself accessible to the many friends of friends that sign on as well. For people who are apprehensive about meeting dates online, this option can be highly desirable. For example, you might be more comfortable meeting the friend of a friend for drinks rather than a total stranger, especially if you can get the details about your date from your best friend first.

Membership Costs

Friend Finder is much less expensive than many other online dating services. In fact, you can begin the social networking process by signing up, without having to pay any membership fee at all until you have a chance to evaluate the service thoroughly. Once you decide to opt for a paid subscription, you can choose between a silver membership, which offers limited search options and slower technical support, and gold membership, which is considered the premium membership for this website.

Webcam Chat

For the visual types, webcam chat is a great way to connect with others. Webcam chat gives you the opportunity to come online in a social setting that is more similar to one you will find at a singles' hangout in your neighborhood. This is the perfect option for Friday nights at home when you would like to enjoy the social scene from the comfort of home.

There are many good reasons to choose Friend Finder as your online dating service. With a plethora of options, variety and contact possibilities, it is no wonder why Friend Finder continues to be one of the top online matching services today.

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