First dates are important but it's also important not to get stressed over them. By the time you've got to the point of your first date you should know your date has already started to get to know you from your profile and they are interested in you. This is always a helpful reminder as it is easy to worry "what if they don't like me?"Couple on a Date

If it doesn't work out you haven't lost anything. Nothing ventured - nothing gained.

Now all you have to do is relax, be yourself and have fun. (Sounds easy right! :) )

Where to go

It's always best to discuss this choice together.

Make sure you will be going somewhere that both people are going to enjoy. If you've talked about the things you like to do then find out what is in common or something new that you both want to try.

Make it something memorable as, who knows, you might be reminiscing about your first date years into the future.

Here are some ideas to get the creativity flowing

    Learning a new skill together (pottery/archery/drawing/rock-climbing/painting)
    Ice Skating/ Art Gallery / Museum / Sports Event
    Going to see a play/concert
    Going to a theme park
    Dinner Date/ Lunch Date

It is always better to have a first date somewhere where you can extricate yourself easily if needs be. A boat ride or a picnic during the day may end up being quite painful if you aren't having a good time.

It can be a good idea to engage in an activity like a movie/play/concert which then gives a main topic to talk about later and that you can enjoy even if you aren't enjoying the company. Do whichever you (and your date) feel most comfortable with.

Talking to your date

First dates are meant to be fun. Enjoy your time with the other person. You can follow on from the conversations you have had online (which means you need to have been paying attention!) and there should be plenty to talk about from that.

When you are talking to the person, try and find out who they really are. Ask them more questions about themselves. If there is one topic that anyone can talk about it is themselves and many of us find that very easy to talk about!

People love to have others show an interest in their beliefs, goals and interests. Most of all, be honest with them. Your date wants to be treated with respect, openness and honesty, just as you do!

The end of the date

By now you should have an idea of how your date is feeling. If you are unsure about how the other person is feeling, always be respectful and always err on the side of caution. Feel free to make some progress but go slowly.

For guys, this means that even if your date has displayed some interest, don't go in for a big sloppy kiss. A small peck on the cheek or on the lips will show you as a true gentleman.

For women, be upfront and polite with your date. Men thrive on certainty. Many guys may not get the subtle hints of interest or disinterest that you've been dropping. If you do or don't want to see him again, politely let him know and be honest else you may have to tell him again in another weeks time.

If you're feeling comfortable with the person at the end of the date and you want to see them again, exchange numbers and continue your relationship offline.

Enjoy your date and good luck!

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