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Not all online dating services spend as much time or energy trying to match up members for long-term relationships. However, the long commitment is a top priority for eHarmony. This matching service is dedicated to helping members find love over the long term.

To help them reach their goals, eHarmony has compiled scientific research to understand why couples get together in the first place and stay together over a period of time. It is this science that contributes to the success of eHarmony, with many subscribers finding love, marriage and family through this simple dating service.

The Background

To understand how eHarmony manages to combine a variety of science into pairing up people, it is important to discuss the owner of the matching service, Dr. Neil Clark Warren. Dr. Warren spent 35 years in marriage counseling, helping couples nurture their relationships and survive the rocky times. Through his counseling experience, Dr. Warren observed many similar characteristics in couples who had successful relationships and those who didn't. He began compiling information that appeared to make the difference between couples who survived the challenges and those who fell apart.

Dr. Warren realized that long-lasting relationships went far beyond the initial chemistry of attraction. After all, most couples began a marriage with chemistry, but many of those relationships ended in divorce. There must be more to a relationship than mere animal attraction.

To find the answers, Dr. Warren put together a team of researchers who identified 29 dimensions of personalities that helped predict the success of a relationship. These personality dimensions included important traits like emotional temperament, values and beliefs and relationship skills.

The Practical Application

Dr. Warren then took those 29 personality dimensions and transformed them into the profile matching process that characterizes eHarmony today.  This website is known for putting people together over the long term, rather than for casual encounters and friendship. This profile compatibility matching took the basic dating service to an entirely new level, providing reassurance that the matches on this website are more likely to lead to marriage. 

The Process

Compiling a profile with eHarmony is no quick process. In fact, the eHarmony website advises members to take a minimum of 60 minutes to thoughtfully and thoroughly complete the profile. Members are also encouraged to answer questions truthfully to ensure the matching process that comes next will be successful. Once your profile is completed, eHarmony will manage the personality matching process for you, sending you information about other members that most closely match your personality dimensions. This ensures all the eHarmony member you contact will be good potential match for your unique personality characteristics, beliefs and life goals.

Once members are matched, eHarmony's science doesn't stop there. The next step is communication, which is carefully overseen by the eHarmony experts at first to ensure a successful first meeting. There are four steps of communication that eHarmony has developed, which include:

  • Reading the other member's profile submitted for your consideration
  • Sending first questions designed to help you get to know the basics
  • Exchanging "must haves" and "can't stands" to help you get to know each other a little better
  • Sending second questions, which gradually go into more detail

Once these four steps are completed, open communication can begin. Pictures are not exchanged at any point in the process until both parties have agreed to do so. This ensures that you can get to know each other a bit before adding the pressure of physical appearances to the dynamics.

Ongoing Support

The science behind eHarmony doesn't stop when members are matched and dating. There is additional relationship information offered through eHarmony Advice, which talks about everything from how to have a successful first date to how married couples can keep the love machine alive.

In addition, the company also hosts eHarmony Labs, which conducts ongoing relationship research for which couples can volunteer. There is also information on this web page in regards to how to find and keep a successful relationship.

Chemistry is the first science involved in finding your perfect mate, but it isn't the only one. Thanks to the scientific basis upon which eHarmony was founded, couples who join this website are more likely to get together and stay together for decades to come. 

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