Video Dating Sites

If you’re naturally skeptical about the genuineness of static profile pictures on adult dating sites, video dating sites offer a wonderful alternative. Firstly, you get to view an actual person in action before you decide whether to interact, and secondly, you can be assured that this is indeed a real person – as opposed to a photo of someone’s neighbor, step-daughter, or friend. Video dating sites are a great way to find friendship, love matches, and casual hook ups; below is a list of the ones to consider for your dating pleasure. 

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1. Adult Match Maker (Australia)

Adult Match Maker is Australia’s largest online dating community. Members here are friendly, eager, and looking to partake in a diverse range of activities. It would be fair to say that the vast majority of the membership base is looking for sexual activity, but there are still some individuals who are hoping to enjoy a committed relationship with a likeminded other in the not-too-distant future. This site is free to join, but again, membership dues need to be paid to access all the features.

Adult Match Maker offers topical and location-based video chat. Video chat can become quite addictive, so be sure you have plenty of time on your hands when you log on! One of the nicest aspects of AMM is the sense of community. You can post your own events on the site or even head down to one of the topical meet ups if you’re feeling brave enough.  Above all, the video chat on this site helps you to verify the gender and age of the person you’re intending to get naughty with later.

2. Adult Friend Finder (Worldwide)

Struggling to find a suitable bedmate? AFF can offer you over 32 million new options! You can join this enormous network for free, but you will have to delve into your pocket each month to access the complete range of features on offer. The video chat is among the best you’ll find on any adult dating site; it’s clear, it’s continuous, and you’ll feel like you’re actually in the same room with whomever you happen to be chatting.

Be warned though, AFF is all about the casual encounters – this is probably not the best place to find true love or romance! If you do decide to invest in the paid membership, you’ll get to view thousands of pre-recorded member videos in addition to chatting with them live. The chat rooms themselves are hopping with activity whenever you happen to log on, and they are both topical and based on location. AFF members are so unabashedly sexual that you’ll soon be tossing the webcam to one side - in favor of the real thing!

3. MegaFriends (Worldwide)

MegaFriends is a hot and happening video dating site with plenty of members all around the world. Right at the forefront of high technology, MegaFriends allows you to actually record a personal greeting to go with your profile. If you have a sexy voice, but you’re not overly photogenic, you might want to include a small photo and a long message! In all seriousness, MegaFriends is free to join, but you’ll need to pay a nominal monthly fee to gain full unlimited access to other members.

There are numerous cool features on this site, including dynamic, engaging video chat rooms, articles to read, gifts to award, and polls in which to vote. This thriving community attracts a diverse range of members, ranging from those looking for marriage to those simply looking for a thrill for tonight. If you don’t spot anyone who gets your pulse racing using the advanced search feature, head down to the forums and introduce yourself!

4. Datecam (Worldwide)
Datecam has really cornered the market on hi-tech, fast-paced, internet dating. Once you’ve created your profile, you can record your own online journal, flirt with likeminded people, and search for nearby potential dates. Actually seeing and hearing people speak can either narrow or broaden your search. For example, someone who you wouldn’t normally be attracted to because they have the wrong eye color now has a second chance to steal your heart with their fabulous personality!
The most unique feature that Datecam currently offers is multiple video chatting. You can enter a room and chat to several people at one time. This is fabulous if you’re looking to vet several people at once, or if you’re simply looking to find some new friends. Although it might sound overwhelming, there is no technical jargon to handle as a member, and there is an abundance of tech support if you do get stuck. You’ll love what Datecam has to offer, so be sure to check out the site!
Video dating sites supplement more traditional sites as opposed to replacing them. You’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of video dating – but be warned, these sites can get quite addictive!