Vegan Dating Sites

If you’re tired of having no plans for the weekend, online dating services are a great place to find partners that share your lifestyle sentiments.  Vegan dating sites are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people embrace this wonderful lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for casual dating, new friends, of a lifelong vegan partner, you’ll be certain to find a good match on one of the top vegan sites described below!

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1. Vegan and Vegetarian Personals (Worldwide)

This gorgeous green website aims to match vegetarian and vegan partners worldwide. The main focus of the site isn’t the dating service; it’s the veggie lifestyle. You can log on for free and peruse recipes, lifestyle tips, and veggie-related articles to your heart’s content. Members on this site are generally looking for pen pals, friendship and long-term relationships; if you’re looking for x-rated pictures, you won’t find them here!
When you sign up, you can quickly search for members in your area. Once a list of compatible matches has been generated, you will see a profile picture and several lines about what each potential member is seeking. The profiles on this site tend to be fairly descriptive and straight to the point. You can easily find out everything you need to know about each person before you decide to make contact. Aside from searching for love, you can also print out coupons and join the member forums for friendship and advice.

2. VeggieBoards - Vegetarian and Vegan Message Board (Worldwide)

VeggieBoards is a forum and message board for discussion of vegetarian, vegan, animal welfare, animal rights, and environmental issues.

3. Vegan Passions (Worldwide)

Vegan Passions is part of the passion network. If you haven’t encountered "passion" before, it is essentially a way to group people who share a specific interest on a single website. Vegan Passions is completely free to join, and there are plenty of members to tempt your fancy worldwide.  There is also a wide range of useful features available to help you find your perfect person. More specifically, you get access to free webcam chat to save you the bother of typing, as well as an instant messaging service if you prefer to begin your romance slowly.
Browsing the profiles is quick and easy. If you happen to stumble across a suitor, you can send them a "smooch" to initiate contact. The best way to attract matches on this site is to create an informative profile narrative and upload some clear, good quality pictures. Vegan Passions is an active community with buzzing member forums. You can make likeminded friends here, expand your recipe collection, and share tips on the vegan lifestyle!

4. Vegans 4U (UK & US)

Vegans 4U is an up and coming site with plenty of members already on board. It is completely free to sign up and interact with potential dates, so you have nothing to lose by visiting the site. Vegans 4U stresses the importance of a great profile, and it claims that profiles that include a clear picture are more than 200% more likely to generate interest than those without a picture. The search feature is intuitive and simple to use, making it easy to fill up your free evenings with gorgeous vegan dates!
Aside from the great search feature, Vegans 4U also offers advice on dating safety tips for when you finally take the plunge and meet up with your new squeeze. One of the nicest things about this site is its simplicity. There are no fees to pay, but easy and complete access to other members. Most importantly, there are lots of Vegan choices available!

5. VegConnect (USA)

VegConnect aims to become "the best veggie personals site on the "Net", and more and more members are gravitating toward this sassy new site. Whether you’re looking for dates, friends, or likeminded activists, you can sign up to VegConnect for free and access other members as often as you would like. However, not every member of this site is a strict vegan; there are vegetarians here too. VegConnect encompasses a fun community of veggies, with diverse political views, interests, and musical tastes.
One of the most positive aspects of this site is that you don’t have to jump through hoops to join. Members with good profile pictures and a well-thought-out narrative do tend to attract the most romantic attention here, but if you simply prefer to do your own networking on the forums, you have that option too. VegConnect is a simple but fun site, which is definitely worth your time to visit.
Finding likeminded vegan partners has never been easier thanks to the creators of the above sites. Enjoy exchanging healthy tips, engaging in quality conversation, and basking in the healthy glow of love when you find it!