Speed Dating Sites

Want to meet a lot of singles quickly? Speed dating operates under the principle that having a high number of 6 minute meetings (or even less time) with other singles is an efficient and more comfortable way to find potential matches.

If you don't like the person you are talking with, no problem, you only have a few minutes to spend with them rather than a whole evening. The other major benefit is that it is less confrontational as you write down the names of the singles you like and if you both match, then your details will be exchanged. So there is no face to face rejection session from either one of you. Anyway, here are the sites that fall under this category.

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1. Blink Speed Dating (Australia)

2. Fast Impressions Speed Dating (Australia)

3. Pre-Dating Speed Dating (USA)
Speed dating service that hosts local matchmaking events for single professionals through a series of six-minute dates.

4. Speed Dating Sites.co.uk (UK)
SPEED DATING SITES is the UK"s definitive guide to speed dating and where to do it

5. Speed Dating Sites.com (USA)
Speed Dating website that caters for many US states

6. 8 Minute Dating

While 8minutedating.com primarily arranges live speed dating events across the country, the website provides plenty of information about the company and about speed dating in general. You can find events in your hometown that allow you to meet numerous people in a single evening. "Dates" are carefully timed to just eight minutes, allowing each individual to collect some information on the other and decide if it is enough to warrant a second meeting.

This concept is quite popular, which explains why 8minutedating.com schedules so many different events across the country. This company offers a money back guarantee, which states if you don't meet someone you want to see again, your next speed dating event is free. If you do like someone on your schedule, simply write down the name of the person and log it on the 8minutedating.com website. If a match is made, you will receive contact information so you can set up a second date.

7. SpeedDate.com

SpeedDate.com is all conducted online through three-minute dates that take place through online chat, webcam or voice messaging. Interested individuals can sign up on the website in just a few minutes of time and be ready for the first speed dating session immediately afterward. SpeedDate.com will begin setting you up for three-minute sessions right away.

If you like an individual you are chatting with, you can vote "yes" at the end of the session to continue the conversation. If the other person shares your interest, you can continue to chat as long as you like. If not, you simply move onto the next three-minute date. The website is free to join, and the speed dating option is also free. However, if you want to continue to contact someone on the website, you will need to pay a subscription rate to utilize all the communication tools available.

8. HurryDate.com

Like 8minutedating.com, HurryDate.com is an online speed dating website that lines up live parties in your area. When you arrive at your event, you will be given anywhere from four to six minutes to meet and greet each member of the party. At the end of the session, you receive a completed scorecard that lists everyone you met that night.  Once you return home, log in the names of people you would like to see again. If they liked you as well, you will receive contact information so you can line up a second "date."

HurryDate.com also offers an online option, where you can post a profile complete with photos, and see who else is available in cyberspace. If you find someone who looks interesting, you can send them a virtual drink or subscribe to the HurryDate website to begin sending emails. You can also get discounted entry fees for HurryDate parties in your area when you subscribe to the website.

9. Randomate.com

Randomate.com uses video speed dating online to allow members to meet and greet many others from the comfort of home. This website schedules five dates at a time, with five minutes to get to know one another. In less than 30 minutes, you can decide if any of those five individuals is worth a second look. This website caters to both gay and straight relationships, and the speed dating service is absolutely free.

When you sign up for randomate.com, you get to post a profile on the website. The profile gives you access to online chat rooms and potential matches. You are able to communicate with other members through chat rooms, forums and emails. These features make randomate.com a combination of a speed dating and traditional dating website, so you get the best of both worlds for a complete dating experience.

Finding love online may now be done in as little as five minutes, thanks to speed dating. If you want to meet many people in a single evening, perhaps one of the websites is the right choice for you.