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Matchmaking websites are websites specifically for individuals looking for serious long term relationships leading up to marriage. have listed some of our favourite matchmaking dating websites that we have found in our travels. For some, it is enough to post an online dating profile and see what develops. For others, the world of online dating needs to be more precise and efficient in helping them find other compatible singles. That is where match making dating services come into play.

Match making websites provide scientifically proven matching services that quickly help you find other members that are the best fit for your own personality, interests and goals. Check out these popular matchmaking dating websites to see if any of them can assist you in finding the perfect match.

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1. Friend Finder (Worldwide)

Easy to use and one of the largest matchmaking websites in the world. Used mainly by Americans, although their are hundreds of thousands of people from other countries on here.

2. Eharmony (USA)

eHarmony have a unique dating site offering, which is based on patented compatibility matching system. Eharmony uses 29 different dimensions on which to assess a potential match.

3. Aussie Match Maker (Australia)

The most popular Australian matchmaking site on based on our member feedback.

4. RSVP (Australia)

Owned by farifax media, RSVP has been ranked by hitwise as the most trafficked dating website in Australia. It makes sense to lay the bait where the fish are.

5. (Worldwide) lay claim to having the largest dating membership on the web. Hard to go wrong here.

6. Yahoo Personals (Worldwide)

Read our detaield review of yahoo personals.

7. Romantic Planet

While the name of the website conjures images of its own, the science behind the marketing is tried and true. This online match making service uses sophisticated artificial intelligence tools to learn about members and create compatibility scores with others. Along with the matching services, Romantic Planet offers ultimate privacy, with members only disclosing their personal information and photos to those with whom they have been matched. 

Romantic Planet offers free sign-up, which allows you to create and post a profile and browse the other profiles available. However, if you want to take communication to the next level, you will need to subscribe to the service. The company will notify you about matches made to your profile each time you sign onto your account.

8. offers the Duet Compatibility System, which is designed to match you to others based on your personality, lifestyle, values and preferences. The science behind the website was developed by relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz. Dr. Schwartz has helped to create a personality profile that moves beyond personality characteristics to identify personality types for more precise matching abilities.

You can join for free and begin browsing the website for information and other members. When you are ready to take the test and find your match, you will be required to pay for a subscription for the service. The website does recommend that you plan to collaborate with them for up to 12 months to ensure a successful matching experience.

9. Matchmaker

Matchmaker is another online dating service that provides the ability to match members. This website requires you to complete a questionnaire, which you can then compare to the questionnaires of other members to find out just how compatible you really are. The match tool can be effectively used by members to find other singles who most closely match them in terms of interests, priorities and personality traits. This additional service makes the profile search much more streamlined and efficient, for quicker, more compatible matches right from the start. 

Matchmaker offers a free trial membership so you can check out the website and the many features it offers. When you purchase a full membership, you also get unlimited email ability and access to chat tools for even more social networking opportunities. This is one of the most highly recommended websites for singles interested in matching services.

10 offers something new in online matchmaking: a color code that provides a more in depth understanding of your own personality profile and how it relates to personality profiles of potential dates. This website actually gives you control over the matching process because you get to select other profiles based on the Color Code.

One of the biggest draws of is that it provides matching services for a much lower cost than many other dating websites today.  In addition, you can determine the best matches for you based on their color code system, rather than the website telling you who would be the best date for you. The online dating service also provides a wealth of singles for you to choose from, so your chances of finding a compatible mate are much greater overall.

Finding the perfect match has never been easier, with so many good dating websites providing these services to their members. If you are on the hunt for a long-term relationship, matching services are well worth the cost and effort. What sets these dating services apart from the rest is their ability to apply science to the matchmaking process, and you are more likely to find compatible individuals with whom you can enjoy a deeper, more fulfilling relationship.